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Midwife, Nicu Nurse, Mother of 4 within 5 years.

Author of: ‘With sleep I can do anything. The first year – a manual’

With 170+ 5-star reviews from helping over 1500 families to date.

Can you relate to the following questions?

Do you want more sleep and a happier family?

Does your baby catnap in the day?

Are they hard to settle and you find yourself rocking/feeding/carrying or patting to sleep?

Are they often grizzly and not as happy as they could be?

Do they wake frequently at night?

Are they waking too early for you to function throughout the day?

Are you struggling to enjoy parenthood?

Do you see that they are overtired but you don’t know how to help them?

If you’ve answered yes…

Then let Julia help you.

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During consultations, I delve into the science behind the four primary methods for helping babies sleep better. These methods range from more structured, fast-paced approaches to slower, gentler ones. Each method is effective in its own right, as they all incorporate elements that enable babies to learn to fall asleep independently. It’s important to note that some crying may occur during this learning process.

Throughout the consultation, I thoroughly discuss the pros and cons of each method, outlining what parents can expect with each approach and providing a realistic timeframe for seeing results. This comprehensive understanding empowers parents to make informed decisions about which method aligns best with their parenting style and their baby’s needs.

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In terms of methods, one reason for my success is that all my methods are based on scientific evidence. Consequently, getting a baby to self-settle reliably without periods of crying is extremely challenging. My methods vary from hard and fast to a slower, more gentle approach. With the latter, we can spend more time with your baby and increase interaction. However, all methods involve leaving the baby for periods while they learn to fall asleep independently. Therefore, this is crucial to be aware of for successful sleep training.

You can read my reviews on Facebook. I’ve worked with over 1600 families to date, experiencing a wide range of situations. I’ve seen and done it all! Thus, I can definitely help.

During the call, I explain the science behind sleep training in detail. This includes dispelling any negative connotations surrounding crying or sleep training. This ensures you can feel comfortable knowing your little one will be fine throughout the process and beyond.

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