Home visits


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NOTE: I only work with babies up until 2.5yrs old

If you are a new parent and you’re really unsure of what to do, what to look out for etc then I do offer a “whole day with me.”

Effectively I come to your house early in the morning and spend the day with you, helping you recognise feeding cues, helping you latch baby on (or bottle feed correctly to minimise air intake) and how to recognise sleep cues., as well practical tips of best ways of soothing, changing nappies, burping and swaddling etc.

The cost of this will vary on distance as I would have to add on cost of travel/accommodation if you’re far away but the basic cost is:

At home 4-hour feeding and settling help consultation plus travel expenses: £450

At home 4-hour sleep training support plus travel expenses: £450

IF YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO SLEEP TRAIN YOUR LITTLE ONE FOR YOU, AT NIGHT ONLY, THEN IT IS £600 PER NIGHT FOR A MAXIMUM OF 3 NIGHTS. (Plus expenses) For this package, I would arrive before bedtime, have an at home consultation so we can decide which method you would like me to use. You would do the initial bedtime and then go to a hotel where you can enjoy some time alone for the night! I would then carry out the sleep training throughout the night and I would ask you to be back for 7am so your little one sees you first thing, If a gentler method is chosen, then I will stay for a maximum of 3 nights and expect you to be able to take over at the end of those and carry on.

During the day, I will either head home or stay at a hotel where I can rest. Ring me to discuss if you feel this option is best for you,

What do the consultations involve?

If you are struggling with sleep issues (for babies still in a cot), then I can offer you a video consultation so you have the comfort of being in your own home (and any where in the world).

I will go through your child’s day to day routine so I can assess what areas we can work on together.

I will then explain to you the science behind what is happening and why your baby is sleeping the way they are sleeping. I then explain the science behind sleep training and why it works how it works. I offer advice and support on a variety of sleep training methods and once you have you chosen which method you would like to use, we go on to create an action plan that you will then implement with my full support.

Once we have come up with a holistic action plan, I will send you a personalised sleep plan via email with all the written strategies we have devised so you have a hard copy you can refer to.

You will then have unlimited contact with me (duration depends on package chosen) so you can email me at any time, ask any questions that pop up and I can help with any troubleshooting that need addressing in real time.

I believe that true success is in the follow up, which is why I don’t offer consultations without it. We work together so you have support throughout your journey and you can query any real time issues that you may be having and I will guide you through the process. Parenting can be isolating enough, but with me by your side, you have your own personal answering machine!