Video consultation for sleep issues


What do consultations involve? During consultations, I delve into the science behind the four primary methods for helping babies sleep better. These methods range from more structured, fast-paced approaches to slower, gentler ones. Each method is effective in its own right, as they all incorporate elements that enable babies to learn to fall asleep independently. It’s important to note that some crying may occur during this learning process.

Throughout the consultation, I thoroughly discuss the pros and cons of each method, outlining what parents can expect with each approach and providing a realistic timeframe for seeing results. This comprehensive understanding empowers parents to make informed decisions about which method aligns best with their parenting style and their baby’s needs.

NOTE: I only work with babies up until 2.5yrs old

£130 – Video Consultation, Sleep plan and 2 weeks unlimited contact via email

£160 – Video Consultation, Sleep plan and 1 month unlimited contact via email


***Premium Package***

£250 –  2 weeks unlimited contact via telephone, text or email.. You can message or call me any time between 7am-10pm. I only offer one of these every 2 weeks in order to maintain a good work/life balance so please enquire first if this package is available.